Current Projects

Who is Blue Sky Builders ?

Blue Sky Builders is owned and operated by David Holubetz. The business is a sole proprietorship, with David handling all the general business management and project management duties.  Superintendents are used on the projects, and are chosen carefully for their exceptional experience, personal qualities and communication abilities.   Most of the work of the projects is subcontracted to local trade businesses that have demonstrated high integrity on similar projects.  Carpentry and miscellaneous work is performed with our own team of workers, with each person contributing their best skills. There are no superfluous workers on our jobs.

What kind of work does Blue Sky Builders do ?

We are primarily engaged in building high-end custom residential projects and light commercial buildings. We do renovation work as well, if the structure is worth renovating! If it is not, we are happy to perform the demolition and reconstruction, being sure to recycle or repurpose any materials or fixtures. We are more interested in larger projects than small improvements or repairs. Self-sufficient homesteads and secure spaces are a new priority in today's insecure world, and we can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to these projects.. We do not do road work or government jobs. We do not build prisons. We are highly motivated towards projects which are green, creative and high quality.

Where are you based and where do you work ?

We are based in Denver.  We have an office in Denver and a satellite office in Montrose, which is used as needed.  We also have a mobile office command center which is moved from project to project.  David is able to travel to meetings and jobsites by vehicle or by private airplane if the distance is great. Blue Sky Builders uses all available technology to communicate between the field and the office, and David spends much of his time at the jobsite.

When is it a good time to call Blue Sky Builders ?

The best time to initiate contact is early in the planning stages. Then it is possible to plan ahead and work together from the start to achieve the Owner's goals. We work well with architects, engineers and other professionals, and can integrate into your project at any time. There is no obligation or risk to call and discuss your project.

Why should you choose Blue Sky Builders ?

Choose Blue Sky Builders if you want high quality work with consistent attention to detail and a beautiful and healthy end product. We specialize in this kind of work, and don't try to compete with the mainstream builders who can't achieve the level of quality and performance that we can. We stake our reputation on our integrity as business people and on the performance and look of the end product.

How long has Blue Sky Builders been around ?

Blue Sky Builders was founded in 1993 and has been registered with the state of Colorado since 1994.  David's experience goes back to his childhood, when his parents had a renovation business in Wisconsin.  72 houses were renovated over a period of 14 years.  David started working when he was 4 years old, much to the chagrin of his grandparents.  David has also worked for other general contractors and subcontractors, gaining experience which has been put to good use in Blue Sky Builders.

Is Blue Sky Builders a licensed contractor ?

Colorado as a state does not have a General Contractor licensing requirement.  Individual cities and towns may have their own licensing requirements, for business and / or for building competency.  Where these licenses are requireed, we obtain and maintain them for the projects we are building.  A copy of such license will be provided upon request by a project Owner or Architect.

Is Blue Sky Builders insured ?
Blue Sky Builders carries a general liability insurance policy, and all subcontractors and independent contractors working for us are required to carry insurance policies as well. Tools and vehicles are also insured. Proof of insurance will be provided to a client upon request. Clients can also be named as 'Additional Insured' on our policy for a small fee.

How many projects has Blue Sky Builders completed ?

Over 40 projects have been completed, ranging from small work in the early days to large houses and commercial buildings in recent years. We usually try to do only a few projects each year in order to maintain the level of attention needed.

Has Blue Sky Builders always been an environmental contractor ?

Blue Sky Builders has always worked in a conscientious manner that respects the environment and creates healthy spaces for the end user. Each year we learn more and get better at this. Some projects are more green than others. In recent years we have declined to build projects which do not strive towards the green model in some way.

What size projects does Blue Sky Builders contract ?

Projects we have completed have ranged from small additions or improvements to large houses and commercial buildings. We are custom builders, not a handyman service, and so seek larger projects that are a good fit for our talents.

Can Blue Sky Builders take a project from concept to completion ?

We can take your project from a scribble on a napkin to candles on the table and a turkey in the oven. As a Design / Build firm, we are able to offer a wide range of services from which the Owner can choose to suit their particular desires. More and more people are realizing that integrating the design and construction portions of a project under a single contractor is a much more efficient way to approach building.

How much does it cost to build in a green way ?

The cost of a project is determined by many factors, so it is hard to say a number that means anything without seeing the drawings and specifications. It is not the green aspects that drive costs up as much as it is the level of quality and finish desired. We have built for as little as 180 dollars a square foot and up to over 600 dollars a square foot. A good ballpark starting figure would be about 250 dollars a square foot.

How does Blue Sky Builders compare cost wise with other builders ?

We are cost competitive with other high quality builders, less expensive than most and more expensive than some. We do not try to be the cheapest guys around, but try to give a good value to our clients. We are efficient builders who use funds wisely.


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