Current Projects

Portable Power / Blue Sky Smoothies

Here is my hand-built portable power system, which includes 2 stainless / aluminum tripods with movable solar panels, a military-style box to hold batteries and all the electronics, and connecting cables. Designed and built by myself and helpers over a period of years. Intention is for a mobile power solution that can be easily taken to and used at festivals, street fairs, extended stay campsites, remote jobsites, etc. The batteries can be charged from the solar panels or from a standard electrical outlet, so you can let it sit for a while and still have it be ready for emergency use. If the power grid goes down the system is up and running in minutes - great for end of the world events.

For demonstration purposes I have a portable smoothie setup, with coolers and freezers, blenders, etc. I make and serve strawberry or chocolate smoothies, from all organic / natural ingredients. The whole power system and smoothie setup takes an area about 10 foot square, and, obviously, needs to be in a sunny spot to showcase the solar power aspect. The bateries hold quite a charge, however, so lack of sun does not shut down the operation of the blenders. The smoothie stand operation is pretty fun - I had some eager volunteers for the neighborhood street fair in Denver.

The whole setup is a great way to showcase one-off design and craftsmanship, promote solar power as a real world solution to mobile power requirements and make people smile with yummy treats. Debut was at a local street fair. Hoping to take to farmers markets. Denver Maker Faire in May of 2014. First extreme test will be at Burning Man fall of 2014. This would also be a great setup to take around to small schools that have a program that encourages sustainable living and alternative power. Aspiring inventors and makers would get a chance to see what they are learning about at a scale they can comprehend. And being able to drink a smoothie made with sunshine makes it all real.




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