Current Projects

Structure of the Company

Blue Sky Builders is a sole proprietorship, started in 1993 and first registered with the State of Colorado in 1994. It is owned and managed by David Holubetz, who actively participates in all aspects of the business and the projects contracted. When you contract Blue Sky Builders, be assured that your project will get the attention it deserves. In almost all cases, we will have a fully functioning office trailer on the jobsite from start to finish, and will manage the project and supervise the work from this location. There will always be someone in this capacity, unlike builders that have too many projects going at once to provide this level of personal onsite attention.



Blue Sky Builders retains a crew of highly competent carpenters and laborers, who are used as needed on a project to project basis. They are technically considered independent contractors, and as such have their own tools, phones and trucks. By structuring the work force this way, people are engaged when they can be of best use, and directed to do the kind of work they are best at. There is never anyone standing around on our jobsites! The crew is well-paid for their knowledge and skill, and for the investment in their trade that is required. I consider the good folks who work for me to be a great asset.



Most of the work on the projects is subcontracted, which means that we hire out a portion of the work to a company which specializes in that kind of work. They have their own business, and provide the service to the project which we require. In this way, we are able to bring in a level of skill that is far beyond what we might be individually capable of. We take special care to seek out the best subs around, and to treat them well. In return, we expect absolutely the best work possible from them. When we find the right sub, we try to develop a relationship that will last for many years.


Suppliers and Service Providers

We are able to buy from a wide field of suppliers, and have accounts with all the local purveyors of building-related materials and equipment. We have accounts with service providers as well, so that whatever is needed for the project is readily available. In all cases, we strive to obtain the best price possible, and this is passed on to the Owner. There are no hidden markups or pork purchases. We try to support businesses which are focused on providing green products and services, but take many factors into account when picking business associates for a project.



Blue Sky Builders maintains clean and orderly jobsites. This is not just something we strive for, this is a daily imperative. All workers are pledged to keep things safe and looking good. This helps in many ways. It projects the look of professionalism, which inspires everyone on the job to do their best. It makes for a more efficient work flow. It is safer. And, most important, it keeps David happy. Jobsites should not look like war zones.



All jobsites have first aid kits and fire extinguishers. All workers have access to safety gear, in case they do not have their own. All tools are maintained in top condition. All ladders and scaffolding are heavy duty rated. David has completed the OSHA Construction Safety course, and holds certificates for First Aid and CPR. Proficiency certificates are on file for forklift and crane operation. Blue Sky has its own Safety Plan, which is utilized on all commercial projects in order to ensure OSHA compliance. We hold regular safety meetings with crew and subs. More than all this though is the attitude of safety which is ingrained in all of us after years of working in the trades and seeing what can happen if you are careless.


Office Trailer

A few years ago I designed and built an office trailer which is unlike anything I have ever seen. It is a fully equipped and modern working office which can be moved from jobsite to jobsite. It is completely outfitted with every resource a building contractor could desire. Having this office has added to our capacity to manage projects, and has ensured that there is always project management and accountability on site. The trailer was designed to use products which are environmentally sound, and to provide a perfect work environment for long hours of hard work. Take a look at the pictures to see for yourself.


Tools and Equipment

We also have a large tool trailer, and a few smaller utility trailers. The tool trailer is very well-organized for optimum efficiency on the jobsite. All tools are clearly labeled, all accessories are easy to get to, all blades are sharp. This is a response to the old game of people leaving the jobsite to grab some little tool, or putting off work because they didn’t bring the right bit. We have all the regular tools needed to build a structure from start to finish, and this resource is on the jobsite and available for use. Other equipment is brought as needed or rented if we don’t own it. Whatever the situation, we will always use the right tool for the job.



Any jobsite leftovers are utilized as possible or given to someone who can benefit. We salvage everything we can from deconstruction of remodel projects, and give it to people who need it or take it to Construction Depot, the used building material store in Montrose. Even wood and other construction scraps are offered to the workers instead of just thrown in the dumpster. We make every attempt to consider wise resource use on the jobsite, and to minimize waste. This is good for the Earth and for the budget.


Trash and Recycling

We are fanatical about trash and recycling. We separate human trash (lunch stuff) from construction trash and recyclables. Everything that can be recycled is separated and picked up or taken to the center. This includes glass, aluminum, plastics, steel, cardboard, styrofoam packing peanuts, copper wire and pipe, office paper, newspapers, magazines, catalogs and oil.



We are conscientious of water usage, and have tanks to help with controlling waste. We scrape and save all the topsoil from an excavation, and replace it at the end of the job. We protect trees and existing vegetation. We put up silt screen fencing to control erosion and blowing debris. And a lot of other things, all of which stem from an attitude of caring for the earth, and making every attempt to minimize or mitigate our impact.



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