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What is Green Building?

mission statement

We shape our dwellings, and afterwards, our dwellings shape us.
- Winston Churchill

How do you nourish the souls of the inhabitants?

  • Clean, classic, simple design for a sane lifestyle
  • Use natural materials and finishes
  • Blend design and colors with local landscape
  • Prioritize good aesthetic design
  • Non-toxic interiors
  • Accommodations for the chemically sensitive
  • Accommodations for the physically challenged
  • Provide natural lighting whenever possible
  • Ensure clean indoor air and air exchange
  • Ensure pure water for drinking, cooking and bathing
  • Designs that meets the needs of the inhabitants
  • Connection to the natural environment
  • Good owner return on investment through energy savings

    How do you minimize the impact to our environment?

  • Use materials which have a low-impact on the environment
  • Use Resources which are renewable, non-endangered or recycled
  • Select products manufactured with minimal toxic by-products
  • Transport by using local sources when possible.
  • Quality products that are built to last and can be serviced if needed
  • Materials which are recyclable when their useful life has expired
  • Minimize changes to the topography and vegetation of the building site
  • Place the structure unobtrusively on the building site
  • Reduce need for supplemental heating and cooling with energy efficient design
  • Reduce the need for lighting by providing plentiful fenestration
  • Reduce need for water by using water-conserving fixtures
  • Integrate alternative power systems (solar, wind, micro-hydro)
  • Consider alternative waste processing systems
  • Utilize gray water when building codes allow
  • Properly recycle and dispose of construction waste
  • Landscape with native plants and grasses to minimize water consumption

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